The nature of art, Stephen Pepper what are the four functions of art



Stephen Pepper what are the four functions of art

1 If I assume that the definition of art is simply what artists do, art is to make something different from the past. That definitely makes you feel something like pleasure or pain, which depends on your personality and background. Although there seems to no difference to get food at MacDonald to many people, some people think it is very exciting.

2 Art stimulates intensity of reaction.  People have their own stories, which make them react, and art stimulates them to react or more intensely. I, however, think that art could make you feel convinced without your reacting.

3 Art is made up a huge number of materials, which are combined beautifully and coherently. Also, a harmony of the relationship demonstrated by artworks, causing an overall impression.

4 Art represents human’s normal life in various ways. Art is human’s creation and artist just wants to share their feeling and emotion.

How did Susanne K. Langer define art?

Her definition is

“Art is the creation of forms symbolic or expressive of human feeling.”

I agree with this definition and realized again the definition was correct because I actually had thought of it before I read the textbook.

Watching movies, I often ponder on what the director wants to tell us by this film to learn techniques of storytelling. I always reach this point, “He wants the audience to know the way he expresses normal feelings and emotion.”



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