Battleship Potempkin

I have two things I know about The Battleship Potempkin.

First, there is one scene that I remember well in this movie, which is the Odessa Steps sequence. I thought that scene is very outstanding by comparison with the other scenes or scene in movies that were made at that time. That’s actually what this movie is really known for the speeding up of editing as the movie goes along. You have long drawn-out shots and then once he gets to the staircase everything speeds up. I think that’s really impressive because that looks fresh scene to me, which means that has potential to fight with movies made when there’s a lot of technology to film like now.

Second, interesting fact about that staircase scene is that was not in the original script. They saw the staircase and thought they should use that staircase somehow, and came up with the whole scene just on set. I often hear that really famous stories or scenes were came up with accidentally. For example, the writing of Casablanca, which is called one of the masterpiece films, was not finished when the shooting started. I think that movie is made up of so many incidents, and the movie is not going to be obsolete.